Thursday, September 25, 2014


What do we have in our mind whenever we talking about law? I guess must be something like "justice", "fairness" etc or maybe for some would have thought of law, it's just a tool for those who rich enough to play with.

I have done with my three years LLB, one year of CLP and I passed all the paper exam whereby currently being a chambering student or so called 'chambie' / cheap labour or whatever for like 6 months.

I've experienced something which I never thought I would have experienced but yes, things happen when you do not think about it. I've seen inmates who claimed themselves not guilty but beaten up by police until they pleaded guilty, I've seen person who claimed she wasn't the one who committed the crime but her husband where the police officers agreed with what she said but still, kept her in the lockup, I've handled cases where lawyers playing with tricks just for their convenient but not for justice, most of the lawyers would have known how they playing the tricks, in order to enter judgment in default and save the time and cost and even burden of the Plaintiff.

I'm sorry to say, I even doubting a lawyer, or two actually possessing some important documents which we have never seen before until it is the time to file the application, where the documents in possess which could prove them have made mistake in handling a case, gone. Anyway, it's just some doubtful arises in my mind which I did not take any further steps to prove or whatsoever, neither I speak it out.

I really thought being a lawyer is one to undertake the justice and fairness for the people and for those who doesn't have the legal knowledge, but in Malaysia, or in some other places, this legal profession is just a game for those who have time and money to spend, and have no other more interesting games to play with, will play with the law. Oh wait, not that they play with the law, but they will hire the lawyers and both side lawyers will compete and try to find as much mistakes as possible that parties have made instead of finding out what are the contents of the case/facts that could affect the outcome of the case/judgment. Simple, by challenging some part of the rules, parties/counsel could easily have won the case and let the other side appeal, whereby the client will still pay, whether justice is still there, who cares! Why should they spend thousand of hours just to look for the real situation of the facts or make analysis on it!

Oh well, that's just what I thought in my mind, not representing anyone or whosoever. If you are still interested in doing law, go ahead. But for now, I'm not.

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